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Username: Karl67

Started since: 2021-04-18 13:04:25

Auctions won: 1

Lost auctions: 4

Bidding history

Number of results 5

Mercedes Ended on:
Opel Ended on:
Lamborghini Ended on:
Mercedes Ended on:
BMW Ended on:

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Comment from this person

Number of results 7

Opel Comment: € 7.000,00 bid placed by Karl67
Opel Comment: Ich habe viel Ople gesehen aber diesen model noch nie
Mercedes Comment: € 19.000,00 bid placed by Karl67
Mercedes Comment: € 45.000,00 bid placed by Karl67
Mercedes Comment: € 47.000,00 bid placed by Karl67
Lamborghini Comment: € 50.500,00 bid placed by Karl67
BMW Comment: € 3.750,00 bid placed by Karl67