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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked general questions

How can I register on ClassicCarSharks?

You can make a ClassicCarShark-account by clicking here

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by going to your ClassiCarSharks account page. If you want this click here hier.

I've forgotten my password, how can I get a new password?

When you do not remember your password click here to reset it. We will send you an email with a temporary password to the mailadress you have registered in your account.

How can I change my username?

This you can not do yourself. If you want this send us an email at info@ClassicCarsSharks.com with your username and the reason of your request.

Where can I find my bidding, listing or comment history?

All the activity of you will be shown on your public user page. This goes for all users of this site. Just click on a user name and you will see the activity of that user. You can also type the username in the search tool.

Can I subscribe to your email service?

Of course! For this you have to make an account, if you want to make an account at ClassicCarSharks click here.

I have subscribed but I am not getting email from ClassicCarSharks.

It can be so that our emails get a marking as spam by email-providers and are send to your spam folder. Please check this folder if you are waiting for an email from us.

I would like to do pre-auction-inspections for ClassicCarSharks auctions. How do I make an application?

Your welcome! We are looking for classiccar specialists who can do pre auction inspections. Send an email about yourself, your education and excperience to info@Classiccarsharks.com and we contact you as soon as possible.

I want to get an email when a new car comes online for auction. How do I do that?

For this you need an account at ClassicCarSharks. If you wish to make an account now click here.

Can I see the results of the auctions ended?

Of course you can! Go to ended auctions under auctions or click here.

I want to offer myself as phothographer to make pictures and small movies for cars which will be auctioned on ClassicCarSharks. How do I apply for this?

We are currently looking for photograpers in all of Europe. Please send an email to info@ClassicCarSharks.com with information about yourself, your experience and portfolio.

I would like to transport cars for buyers on your site. How can I do that?

Currently we are looking for transporters in all off Europe to transport cars for our auctionwinners. Please send us an email with information about yourself and your experience to info@ClassicCarsSharks.com with your request and we will come back to you.

Can I tagg a user in a comment ?

If you want to tagg a user type the "@" symbol before the username you want to tag in the comments. So e.g "@username. The user will get a notification that he has been tagged in a comment.

What are the rules for commenting?

Comments must be constructive, ad knowledge to the community and should be polite and not insulting. Inappropriate comments will be removed by ClassicCarsharks. Click here for our rules on commenting.

Can I contact you?

Of course! You can send an email to info@ClassicCarsharks.com or call us on +(31)613-597931. We will do our utmost best to help you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked buyer questions

How can I register to bid on a car?

You can register to bid by entering your information here. You will receive an email to verify your email address. You have to complete your registration before you can commence bidding. Alsways look in junk or spam folder when you do not find the email. If you have any problems in registering please contact us.

How does bidding work?

You put in the amount you would like to bid on the auctionpage of the car. If its higher than other bids and there is still time on the clock, you become the highest bidder. When you are the highest bidder at the end time/date, you have won the auction. You are obliged to pay for the car and your actionfees will be charged to your creditcard.

If I want to make a bid on a car, where do I find all the information of the car?

Always read the full text of the listing, look at all the pictures of the car and read all the comments other users have made. We strongly advise to buy an inspection report of the car you are interested in. This will give you a better idea of the condition of the car. CCS does not accept any liability from the text of the listing nor, from the inspection report.

What happens if I win an auction?

When you win an auction you a get a email from ClassicCarsSharks providing the email addres and telephonenumber of the seller. The seller gets simultaneously an email from ClassicCarSharks with your emailadres and telephonenumber. Contact the seller immediatly to agree that the seller will mail you a copy of the documents of the car and a Bill Of Sale and make agreements on the payment and the transport of the car. We strongly adviced you to make the payment by banktransfer. You need to make sure that the seller receives the payment within 5 days after the auction time/date. Immediatly after the end time/date of the acution ClassicCarsharks will charge your creditcard for your auction fee.

How do I pay for a won auction?

The auctionfee is paid via the buyers creditcard which you have registered at ClassicCarSharks, immediatly after the auction has ended. The payment for the car is handled between the buyer and the seller. Immediatly after the closing of the auction both the auction winner and the seller receive an email with each others mail address and telephone number. We advise the the seller to send a bill of sale and a copy of the registration papers of the car via email to the buyer. The auction winner is obliged to pay for the car to the seller within 5 days after the auction has ended. ClassicCarSharks advices the buyer to make the payment for the car to the seller by wire transfer.

What happens if the reserveprice is not met?

If the reserveprice is not met the highest bidder's creditcard is not charged with the auction fee. Sometimes it is possible that via ClassicCarSharks a deal between the seller and the highest bidder is made after the auction has ended. If that happens the buyer's creditcard is charged with the auctionfee.

How much are the auction costs for the buyer?

These are the lowest in the market! If you you want to see them click here.

How do I ship a car ?

Shipping is the responsebility from the buyer. The transport risk and the transport cost are for the buyer. If you are looking for a transport company who can help you send an email to info@ClassicCarsharks.com and we will help you with the transport.

Why do you charge my creditcard?

The auction fees are to be paid by the buyer. When bidding, we place a reservation on your credit card for the amount of the auction fees. If you win the auction, the reserve will be released and your creditcard will be charged for the auction fee. If you don't have the highest bid on the end time/date of the auction or the reserve price is not met the reservation on your creditcard will be released.

What credit cards does ClassicCarSharks accept?

We accept American Express, Mastercard and VISA-card.

How can I update my credit card information?

You can update your credit card information by going to your account page. This function is blocked during the time that you have the highest bid on a listing. Make sure that your creditcard information is up to date. If the reservation for the auction fees in not accepted on your creditcard your bid will be refused.

Can I bid if I live outside Europe?

Of course you can ! You can bid from anywhere in the world.

Why does the endtime of an auction keeps resetting?

At the ending time/date of the auction the highest bid wil always stand for two minutes. If during this time a new bid is placed, the end time will be prolonged to two minutes to give genuine bidders the chance to place their best bid and preventing that bidders use software to place bids in the last seconds of an auction that can not be over bidden anymore. This method is honest for all bidders: everybody has equal chances and brings for the sellers the highest achievable sales price.

Can I cancel my bid?

No. Placed bids can not be cancelled.

Can I see if an auction has a reserve price?

No. We do not publish the reserve price as we have found that this pollutes the bidding proces. We only announce when a listing has NO RESERVE.

Can I buy a car that didn't meet reserve price?

For cars that do not meet the reserve price the highest bidder can contact us and we will try to make a sales agreement between the highest bidder and the seller. If a deal is made the buyer is obliged to pay the auction fee to ClassicCarSharks and we will charge the buyers creditcard for the aucion fee.

Is there a Buy it Now Price?

No. All cars on ClassicCarSharks are sold by auction only.

Can I contact a seller?

You can ask any question to the seller via the comments section of every listing, or contact ClassicCarSharks with your question

Can I inspect a car?

A lot of times there is already an pre-auction of the car done by an independend inspector: if this is the case you can find this on the listing page of the car. If you want to inspect a car yourself please contact us and we will try to make an arangement to visit.

Can I contact a seller after an auction has closed?

The winner of the auction wil get an email with the telphone number and email adres of the seller. To other users we never disclose contact information from the seller or the buyer.

What is a reserveprice?

The seller can, if he wants this, give a reserveprice when listing his car. This is the minimumprice the seller wants for his car. The reserveprice is not shown on the auctionpage of the car. We also do not disclose when bidding on a car exceeds the reserveprice. If the seller of the car has not given a reserveprice in his listing you will find a marking on the auction page of the car that it is a no reserve listing.

Frequently asked seller questions

What are the cost for listing my classic cars in an auction ?

ClassicCarSharks has the lowest auction fees in the market! For you as a seller this means a higher sales price for your classic car. If you want to see our auction fees click here

How can I submit my classiccar for auction?

When you want to list your classic car with us click here.

How long will it take before my clasiccar will be auctioned?

If you list a car with us normally it takes about two weeks from you placing your car for auction to seeing it live on ClassicCarSharks. If you order the photo service or the inspection report it can be longer.

What happens when the auction has ended? How do I get the payment for my car?

The buy/sell transaction for a car auctioned via the ClassicCarSharks platform is made between the buyer and the seller. After the auction has ended both the buyer and the seller get a email with each others phone numbers and email address. We advice the seller immidiatly after receiving this email to send an email to the buyer including a bill of sale and a copy of the car documents. The buyer is obliged to pay for the car in full to the seller within 5 working days after the end of the auction. We advice the buyer to pay for the car to the seller by wire transfer. The buyer is responsible for the transport, the transport is on his risk and his costs. Immediatly after the ending af the auction the auction fees will be charged to the buyer on his creditcard.

Do you accept all cars?

We can only accept cars in auction that are collectable, with good information, good pictures and a realistic reserve price.

Can I register to bid, buy or sell when I live outside of Europe ?

Of course! You can register from everywhere in the world.

How long do auctions last?

Our auctions normally go live on tuesday and normally end on the next week's thursday.

Can I give a reserve price for my car?

Of course you can! We do not accept reserve prices which are unrealistic. We never show the reserve price in the listing and also do not announce when a bid exceeds the reserve price.

Can I edit the text of my carlisting when the auction is live?

After completion of your listing we will contact you and mail you a proposal of how the listing will look like. You can give your input and we will send you how the final listing looks like. Once you approve this we will put the listing online on the first comming tuesday. From this point on the listing can not be changed. You can however send us extra information or pictures and movie via email and we will ad them in the comments.

Who makes the text of the listing of my car ?

When we accept your car for auction one of our specialists will make a proposal for the listing of your car. On this proposal you can give your input. With this input our specialist will make a new proposal. We do this until you are completly happy with your listing. When you give your approvol we will publish your car on the next tuesday. Our specialist will assist you throughout the whole auction proces.

What if the reserve is not met, can I relist my car?

No. We never relist cars. Only exception is when the winning bidder does not pay for the car. This we will clearly state in the new listing. The highest bidder who did not pay for the car will be banned from our site. He however will be charged for the auction fees on his creditcard.

How does shipping work?

The buyer is responsable for the transport, carries the costs for it and also carries the risk. You can arrange the transport in the way you like: pick up yourself of have the transport done by an professional party. Click here for a list of car transporters.

Can I change my reserve when the auction is live?

Yes you can. Go to your account page and there you can lower the reserve price at any moment. Increasing the reserve price is not possible when the auction is live.

Can I bid on my own car?

This not allowed. We value tranparancy and fairness highly.

Can I cancel my auction once its live?

We do not cancel auctions once they are online. If there are special circumstances you can contact us via email.

Can you help with pictures?

Of course! It is very important to have good pictures of your car to obtain the highest price. Click here for our picture guidelines. We can also send a professional photographer to make pictures-videos of your car, if you want this click here.

Can you provide me a photographer recommendation?

We offer a professional foto-video service for €249,00 incl 21% Dutch VAT. A special trained photographer will come to you and make the necessary pictures and videos of your car. When submitting a car you are asked if you want the foto service. If you want to submit a car click here

I cannot upload pictures/videos. What can I do ?

If you are having problems uploading pictures from you car, try starting with 5-10 pictures. Upload videos one at the time. If it still does not work, please contact us.

What is a reserveprice ?

When you submit a car to our auctions you can enter a reserve price. This the minimum price you want to get for your car. The reserve price will not be shown on the auctionpage of your car. We also do not disclose when the biddings on the car exceed the reserveprice. If you do not give a reserve price when listing the car we will put a marking on the auctionpage of your car that it is a no reserve listing.